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Top 10 Donut Shop Logo Designs

Stop for a coffee and a donut on the way to work is a tradition for many people. However, as these people choose what they drive through the donut shop? While the location, convenience and product quality are important factors in this decision, the trademark and logo of coffee are certainly factors in this decision. The ten following logos are attractive enough to keep customers coming.
1. Dunkin Donuts Logo Design


In this case, the logo is all in the product key Donuts, as another product that is important for the brand of coffee in this case. Because many buyers enjoy this drink donut sugar on breakfast, it is important to justify this key position logo. The brilliant colors are serene and energetic, while a significant portion of the mark because they are used in places and communications company. The letters are rounded likeable although able to form the bagel itself.
2. Krispy Kreme Logo Design


These donut lovers preferred to use a retro logo that creates the impression of a restaurant or another restaurant of the past, with a logo as classic sign of an old fountain and the fashion in motion. The source of accents swell, which is important for those who want to eat and run. Red is a color commonly used in food services and to attract the eye to the design of the logo. Green dominates the logo is a relaxing and stress free.
3. Logo Design Mmmuffins


This shop is a brand that focuses on their offer, which increased more than it is in the donut media. As in many other logos donut points rounded to provide a pleasant experience, and as the main product. Logo M-shaped muffins, implies that the product was named the company, while the car is shaped like a cup of steaming coffee. Red, orange and yellow color palette is warm and cozy as you draw the eye.
4. Coffee Time Logo Design


The circular design of the logo suggests once again that the product, while the red and yellow are also common in the industry. The darkness, the spiral shape of the image at the center of the logo evokes coffee, an impression reinforced by the fact that the spiral terminates in a cup of coffee classic. The text is a source of Eddy connection with the rest of the image giving the impression of movement. The logo is attractive and elegant than many in this country, what distinguishes in its market as a more modern.
5. Go Nuts Donuts Logo Design


This happy, joyful logo design is different from what we’ve seen so far, which offers photo-quality images of donuts in the logo. In this case, the brightest donuts are ready to form a gentle smile, which shows people happy experience that they enjoy in this donut shop. The writing is colored red to attract attention, but friendly. The only source and the way in which writing is inclined to create a sense of change, meaning that this establishment is more focused on the future of its jurisdiction.
6. J. Donut Co Logo Design


Donut East Asia and the design based on the logo of the shop had a peacock, symbol of royalty, which is also associated with your domain. The color orange is young and friendly to balance the traditional and the strong black accents. The circular shape of the logo combined with the rounded script creates a pleasant feeling, but also refers to the product key. This logo is a good example of how the archetypal forms and colors can appeal to people of different cultures.
7. Voodoo Donuts Logo Design

This donut Portland has received national media attention because of the unusual nature of their brand. The name combines the price offered, including a popular donut that looks like a voodoo doll and the logo bit scared. This model features a sepia-colored logo and a scary looking man with dark eyes staring from a donut-shaped. The name seems to have been stuck in the donut pieces of wood, which is certainly a departure from the round, sparkling fountains seen in other logos in this genre. The motto is now proudly displayed on a banner below the image.
8. Psycho Donuts Logo Design


This logo was designed to be more like other logos donut shop with a gold and red color often seen in this area, and a donut. However, the similarity ends there. The writing seems to have been painted in an illegal source, a bit ‘crazy. The donut image is not happy, but fled as if afraid. Although this is not a good design the logo for the average donut shop, it fits beautifully Psycho Donuts brand.
9. Donut King Logo Design


The colors of this project include a logo in bold pink, similar to that seen in the design of the Dunkin Donuts logo, but this time accompanied by equally bright yellow and a touch of blue. The current round of writing about sex is here with the O-air, like a donut, with a crown perched on top. This logo design is lively and brilliant, but the registration in the name of perfection.
10. Whole Donut Logo Design


This donut shop features an image that links directly to the name. A donut is shown as the filling hole, which suggests that this is a place where you get a little ‘more than the average of the donut shop offers. A spoon and a cup of coffee next to the donut fill the image. Attention Red combined with soothing green logo to obtain balanced performance and promising.
As you can see a logo for the store may be classical or crazy. The difference that makes this variety is also the sign of success. An experienced logo designer will create a logo that is uniquely yours, a one of a kind expression of your business that will draw in customers and give you the success that every small business owner seeks.