On Monday, Gizmodo revealed pictures of the brand new iPhone that was “found” in a Redwood City bar (up the street from Apple HQ). They apparently paid $5-$10k for it just to have bragging rights. But what other gadgets have been observed in bars that Gizmodo wouldn’t pay out for? You’d be surprised.

1. AOL 8.0 Disk

The newest update for the AOL process characteristics points like other users.

2. Palm Pilot N-XT

The most recent PDA includes a version of Graffiti which has being seen to get believed. Uses just three “C” batteries.

3. Atari

Desire to play in the globe of stunning virtual reality? Now you possibly can but only using Atari’s original game library. Mix-ups mean there won’t be any new games created until 2019.

4. Laserdisc

Grab a laserdisc if you can find a single because this new laserdisc player outperforms every single one particular around the market place – and that’s Sony’s ironclad guarantee. Now with additional buttons.

5. HP`s Dot Matrix Printer

New for Christmas ‘10, Hewlett Packard has wanted to enter the all-in-one current market for the while now and this can be it. It also shreds the leftover strips of perforated paper making for a quite green alternative!

6. Casio Calculator Watch

It doesn’t just tell the time. It does not just do calculations. It does them each – and is accompanied having a timeless watch style.

7. Panasonic Betamax

You’ve In no way seen something like it. Record from television direct to betamax video tape OR 8-track audio. Invest in one particular for your office too so you can display off last night’s Television (or perhaps a wonderful radio demonstrate) nearly wherever you’re.

8. Sanyo`s Walkman

With the potential to perform both cassettes and MP3s, it’s a format Sanyo are convinced can’t go wrong. Consumers can expect to shell out slightly much more than a traditional iPod mainly because in the combined formats.

9. Radio Shack`s Commodore Plus

Two commercial giants join themselves at the hip. A single reinvents a pc classic by throwing out Qwerty and delivering a keyboard that may continually retain you guessing. The other brings along a sales/marketing team second to none.

10. Motorola Microtac

A mobile phone that is a bit smaller than their Microtac 9800x.

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