Have You Chosen a Hosting Type for Your Site?

No, really. You probably had some preferences in regards to the content, the way of check-out, even the color scheme. Probably you’ve picked something you liked or something your marketing specialists recommended. But did you think carefully about where is your site hosted? Chances are, you’ve picked the plan based solely on the cost. Don’t worry, this happens a lot. Many people start with a basic plan and then upgrade it depending on their needs.

Is It Time to Switch to VPS?

When your site outgrows the hosting plan you’ve chosen initially, you can’t miss it. The performance gets worse, loading speed falls, and customer experience…well, doesn’t improve, to say the least. If that’s the case, it means moving onto the next type of hosting service is due. What’s better than a shared (general) hosting? KVM VPS hosting, that provides you with stable performance and security.

Will KVM VPS Be Right for My Website?

Chances are, it will be perfect to move your site to KVM VPS servers, if you’re running a business website that gets hundreds of sessions each day, or if you’re operating multiple sites with quite a big audience. 

This type of hosting is sure to give you a number of advantages:

  • resources belong to you only – no one on the same server can access and use them
  • you can opt for a dedicated IP 
  • you gain exclusive control over your server – tweak and manage it as you wish for best performance
  • great customer support that is available any time of the day in a multitude of languages

With that said, if your site is so big, it gets bombarded with thousands of requests and sessions per day, it would be probably best to look for a dedicated server. This is a top-notch, most expensive option, but in reality, not many websites truly need it. Try KVM VPS hosting, and it will probably satisfy most of your site’s power needs.

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