How do you choose a frame for the painting?

All people like paintings. They can change our house greatly, create a new atmosphere, calm us, or highlight the decor. Paintings can be various and in different frames. It is important to choose a painting and a frame that will complement each other. Choosing a frame in such a way that the picture looks the most advantageous is also an art. Today we tell you about types of frames, their colors, styles, and how to decorate a painting.

For example, let’s take gold paintings. Their wonderful look beckons to consider them, we feel a royal atmosphere and the interior becomes more luxurious. Do you agree that gold paintings can be a good gift for art lovers? Of course! You also can make an exhibit from the painting. Just put little lamps above it. This way you diversify the interior and your guests will be fascinated. You can choose any frame for your beautiful painting. There are some rules which help you in your decision.

Which rules should be considered for choosing a frame?

  1. The style of the room

If your room is completed in a minimalist style, the frame should not be luxurious and unusual shapes. It should be in simple one-color frames. For example, the gold painting in turquoise or just black frame. Minimalist style doesn’t require royal decor, it is simple, multifunctional, and comfortable. If your room is completed in Provence style you should think about a more interesting painting design. For instance, a wavy frame with curves will look amazing. Don’t put a usual black frame in such an interior because it doesn’t attract attention and no one will notice it. 

  1. The width of the frame

It is simple – the smaller the picture, the thinner the frame. Sometimes designers use a life hack: if you want to highlight the small painting you should put a wide frame. A large painting should be decorated with a thin frame and then your attention will be attracted only by the picture. 

  1. The color of the frame

It is harder. The frame should be decorated including the painting shades and the color of the room. Sometimes it is difficult to combine. For example, if the room and painting are completed in black & white shades, it is necessary to highlight the painting and put a red frame. 

These were all tips for choosing a frame. Now you can choose a good painting not only for yourself but also help other people. Good choice!

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