Pros of Political Asylum in the USA

If you are in danger in your home country, this is one of the reasons for seeking political asylum in the United States of America.

      1. Filing procedure. The first advantage of political asylum is a relatively easy procedure. In order for your documents to be accepted, you just need to fill out an application and send it to your local immigration office – USCIS. From the moment USCIS employees receive your form, you will be in the country legally until they make a decision on the case.

      2. Applications are accepted from all who want to get a refugee status in the USA. Until the immigration officer or immigration judge decides that you do not have sufficient grounds for obtaining asylum, no one can doubt this.

      3. Legal life in the USA. Applying for asylum, you will be legally in the United States. You will not receive any immigration status, but you will be in the so-called review process. And all the time while your case is being considered, you can legally live in the USA, taking advantage of all the benefits that exist in this country.

      4. The right to work. If the decision on your case is not made within 150 days after the adoption of USCIS documents, you can apply for a work permit, as well as get a social security number SSN, the state ID in which you live, and it is absolutely legal to get a driver’s license of any category. From the moment you get a work permit and SSN, new opportunities will open up for you – official work, lending by banks, the ability to lease (lease with option to purchase) cars. In fact, after half a year you will own a set of rights that are available to most US citizens (with the exception of some points).

      5. An opportunity to get a green card and apply for citizenship. One year after the approval of your political asylum, you can apply for your residency status (get a green card), and four years later you have the right to apply for US citizenship.

      Where to get more information?      The process of emigration is always very complicated. It requires significant financial resources, efforts to perform many formalities and adapt to a new environment. Almost everyone who decided to change their country of residence needs help with immigration. People need support in the form of consultations. Political asylum will help you make this way and get a refugee status in the USA.

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