Top 10 Been There Done That Fashion

Nihil novum sub sole … so goes the famous phrase from Ecclesiastes 1:10 (there is absolutely nothing new under the sun). Everything old is new once more! No matter how innovative fashion designers believe they are, somehow every thing has been accomplished before. Here we present only ten of the a lot of examples that I came up with the fashion world moves in circles. You may well be surprised at some of the entries in this list.

Stockings worn by ladies of all ages today, it is hard to believe they were employed by men for centuries! Hose (as it was in its day) was utilised by men of all classes, with the upper class who has created his finest silk and wool, and the lower class that is created of homespun material. In the 17 th century, which had been gradually replaced by shorts and socks. Believe of when you see the cute skirt and stockings combo of your favorite magazine!

slaves in this way: Most of the female cast of Gossip Girl9 Sat gray-haired youth 

Say what? Excuse me? Yes, gray hair has been seen in young females as Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne, recently. I know, appears a bit bold and futuristic right after overcoming the shock, but these females are truly centuries ago in this hair trend. In the 18 th century was a gray hair color very well-liked. Young females like Marie Antoinette powder shadows in the sky high soft gray hair. At times the hair color powder cake, yes, but Gray was the most well-liked.

slaves in this way: see above

nail salons are so full of ladies and french manicure airbrush photos rental (snowflakes and other things) that is hard to think that artificial nails go all the way back to the ancient Egyptians! Of them had been made of decorated bone, ivory and gold. The most elaborate were the richest of the person who brought them. Acrylic nails are contemporary, primarily for aesthetic factors, and do not indicate wealth, but if you feel about it, maintenance of artificial nails may possibly be seen as indicators of wealth for the money that a woman has to spend to get that fill them every single couple of weeks.

slaves in this way: Rihanna, Katy Perry7 Wed colored wedding dresses 

For most of the 20 th century, if your wedding dress was bought particularly for your wedding (not her very best dress) that was white. Nowadays, numerous designers make dresses wedding dress color that is regarded as fashionable and various. Even so, until mid 1800, most wedding dresses had been black. In the Middle Ages, wealthy brides had been wrapped in yards of bright colors of your wedding day. Phillipa of England, not the Queen Victoria, was in fact the very first documented bride wear a white dress, but it was not widespread until they started copying the brides wedding dress Victoria in 1840.

slaves in this way: Gwen Stefani, Dita Von Teese

With all bleached blond you see in Hollywood, it is simple to see as a thoroughly contemporary style. Can you imagine seeing in Venice Century 16? discoloration of hair is elsewhere, but particularly in Venice and in the hot and sunny. Since commercial hair dye would not be obtainable for an additional 400 years or so, the girls sat in the sun for hours with her hair spread on a hat without having a crown, whilst herbal pastes sulfur from black, honey onion skin and spread through hair. Hmmm, need to have smelled lovely …

slave to this fashion: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton

Most individuals know that platform shoes had been a fantastic success in the 70′s, and now are back, but a lot of people do not know what platform shoes for about 600 years. Call slippers that had been worn by wealthy females to maintain their feet and dressed in the dirty streets. The larger the Chopin, the richest of the user. Some were over 20 inches tall! They were so common in Spain that significantly of the supply of cork is used only for clogs. I, for 1, am glad that platform shoes are not as drastic, imagine all the broken bones …

slaves in this way: Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham4 Wed Greek inspired dresses 

Greek goddess look is really “in” now, with the style appearing at dances and weddings throughout the world, but this trend for the very first time in 1790 about France. With the revolution is coming, no one would be mistaken for an aristocrat, so the front of his estate, heavy, consisting of dress emerged, known as the Board. Although not as well-liked as it is right now, perfect dresses Greeks and Romans, with its elegant drapes and lack of freedom allowed ladies sleeveless dress restrictions that had not experienced since the powerful time of the ancient Greek girls.

slaves in this way: Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez

Search ” scene “in Google images and you’ll discover thousands of photos of girls with black eyeliner drawn around his eyes, raccoon style. This makeup trend seems to be recent, but it is not. Back to the ancient Egyptians again! They utilised kohl for eyeliner, both to protect the desert sun and beauty reasons. Some people also believe that considers that protect them from the evil eye. ” The men also utilized the old eyeliner, so “guyliner” is not new either!

slaves in this way: Taylor Momsen, Adam Lambert

1 of the most widespread ways of the 2000′s, (and at least my favorite), skinny jeans are often employed to the attention of the rebels or call oneself (specially if they are in neon colors or patterns of distraction) and that is what is utilized to when he turned the first time! Back in the 1950′s, teens and 20somethings did not want to dress like their parents far more in dresses and skirts. The designers realized this and came out with what may well be called skinny jeans. “Cigarette” jeans for ladies were generally cut to ankle length or shorter, and the “drain” jeans and pants became popular for men.

slaves in this way: Elvis, Kate Moss

Right now, a lot of folks in the western world want a dark tan. From antiquity to the early 1900′s, women wanted porcelain white skin. They believed that only the rich could afford to have pale white skin, simply because the lower classes had to work in the sun and were, consequently, tanned. A lead-based powder is usually employed to make your skin much more white, usually with deadly outcomes. The desire to have very white skin was so powerful that even although the women knew that lead is poisonous, which continued to use it. Then Coco Chanel returned from a trip to the French Riviera in the 1920′s, and their fans went crazy about the bed that he had received although he was there and started laying in the sun slathered in baby oil. In the 70′s, tanning beds were created, and have become an industry of $ five billion. Despite the fact that conscious of the dangers of skin cancer, like their predecessors, a lot of females continue to go to the tanning salon several times a week. I can not choose which is worse .

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