Top 10 brands of chocolate for you Choco-addicts

Whether or not the merger of the experience of the mouth or substance rich in cocoa beans, chocolate has always been a unanimous favorite. Whatever the age, a box of chocolate is very tough to resist. It comes in amazing varieties and is 1 of the most delicious flavor. It’s like a meal full of emotions. For some, chocolate can be a lot more than a pleasure. Acting as the mood, the chocolates can lift the dark surroundings and located in a feeling of happiness.The origin of the chocolates is not true, but if the words are believed to date from the pre-Columbian Americans drank vanilla or chocolate with chile peppers. After a lengthy integration, there is now the most well-known flavors. many brands are still appearing with distinct forms of chocolates. In this way the chocolate lovers will not face setbacks in their work. When the presentation of the chocolate plays an essential role in marketing is the high quality that truly steals the show. The following are the top 10 chocolate brands.

Ferrero Rocher 300x136 Top 10 brands of chocolate for you Choco addicts

 1. Ferrero Rocher

3 layers of chocolate attraction is a winner on its own accord. First, chocolate milk, a bite of crispy wafer and cream, then the core of roasted hazelnuts. On top of that shiny gold package. The sphere is tempting selection for the top rung.

2. Swiss Thins (LINDT)

The so sweet chocolate has been a worthy option in the last 160 years. The Swiss-based brand was built in 1845. The brand has helped numerous chocolate bars are well recognized among all ages. Black chocolate is his forte. Sold in over 80 countries, the brand provides no less than quality.

Ducd’O 300x136 Top 10 brands of chocolate for you Choco addicts

 3. Guylian

Hit the marketplace late. Even so, the chocolates of milk produced by the brand can not be overlooked at all. Guylian chocolates are a bit much more on the sweeter side and are suitable for sweet lovers. Even rich in variety and you can select from a wide range of assortments.

Dcolse 300x136 Top 10 brands of chocolate for you Choco addicts

 4. Maxinm of

This is one of the high-priced chocolates on the market. The satisfaction of chocolate lovers for over a century, Maxinm are a symbol of elegance and class. The name itself has its mythology reference in France. The brand is notorious for the number of varieties that are exquisite. It ranges from black chocolate milk and milk chocolate hazelnut chocolates.

Belgian 300x136 Top 10 brands of chocolate for you Choco addicts

 5. Ducd’O

chocolate milk, chocolate, black or white chocolate. Take your pick. Ducd’O provides a range of chocolates made by a variety of tastes. 1 can simply take a blank if he hates chocolate taste bitter. If you prefer bitter sweet chocolate black is the perfect. Nevertheless, milk chocolate satisfies the quest for the bitter and sweet.

 6. Kinder Buenq

This brand has the wafer as an vital complement to the smooth chocolate. With a relatively average, the brand is widely spread the chocolate lovers. The bright packaging makes the chocolate worth dollars.

 7. Dcolse

If there is any chocolate that stands out from the rest is Dcolse. What makes the difference maybe is packing organization and as a result has been attractive to fans around the world. The firm originated in Belgium and remains one of the most favorite chocolate brands.

 8. M & M


U.S. are fans than this chocolate. The color screen is sweet appealing to the eye. The chocolate comes in diverse colors like green and yellow and are covered with candy. Each piece has the letter “M” printed on it. There are a variety of sweets such as chocolate milk, mint, dark chocolate and chocolate peanut.

9. Belgium

As the name suggests, this chocolate comes from anywhere else in Belgium. Belgium is among the world’s largest producer of chocolates. Belgian chocolates scores high in top quality and taste. The brand makes use of improved technologies to stay on par with other massive names.

10. Toffifee

Toffkfee offers a resource for individuals cheaper. The chocolate marketplace in various flavors and has a classic essence. Even the standard flavor is anything but ordinary. It is the largest German production base of chocolate.

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