While a pair of entries in this list have been highlighted in the lists of other people in the past, most have not. This list can be seen in a variety of creatures (some known, others not at all) that have unusual facial features. Be sure to add your own favorites to the comments.

Inhabitant of the pit is extremely small (the largest recognized species is only 12 cms), and entirely harmless, but his face is the stuff of nightmares.
The ax is living proof that they do not need long sharp teeth and glowing red eyes are creepy. These fish are discovered in tropical and subtropical waters around the world, and feed on tiny creatures of the deep, such as copepods (a type of crustacean).

found in the jungles of the Philippines, this endangered bat Extinction is one of the strangest faces among mammals. His ears dark blotched yellow, orange and crazy eyes, above all, tubular nostrils, give it an appearance virtually cartoonish. This bat feeds mainly on figs and other fruits, but has been known to eat insects on occasion.

species unique to Lake Xochimilco in Mexico, the axolotl ( which indicates “water monster” in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs) is in fact a species of salamander. Not only has a funny face, but also looking into a strange “hair” of the gills red, feather-shaped. In fact, this species of salamander usually keeps his youthful features of his life (this is called neotheny). Sadly, this amphibian endangered species is rare due to pollution from invading their habitat … and is also considered a delicacy in some parts of Mexico.

Possibly the strangest of all primates (excluding humans, of course) the aye-aye has large ears of a bat, mad yellow eyes, and in general, not be out of place in a remake Gremlins. In fact, inspired by a Gremlin-like monster in the original sci-fi series, where their descendants evolutionary proposal has an abandoned house. The aye-aye in Madagascar and is endangered largely due to habitat destruction, and the reality that men and women in this country are not quite fond of the creature, that they think about to be a carrier Unfortunately.

The snub-nosed monkey appears to have had a nose with the exact same surgeon Michael Jackson did. Again, this is an endangered species, discovered only in China (including Tibet) and Vietnam. They live in mountain forests up to 4000, 1 of the few primates adapted to cold environments. They are threatened primarily by habitat loss.

moon is named after the fleshy appendages his nose, which are covered in sensory receptors that increase their sense of touch, which is for the incredibly poor view of the animal. The star-nosed mole is characterized by being an expert swimmer and diver, and a bulldozer. Like other moles, it feeds on worms, slimy worms and bugs all in its path. Is in Canada and northern U.S..

Even avid cartoon watchers may have trouble recognizing this as Rufus, nice mate Ron in Kim Achievable. The naked mole rat real life (which are in Africa) is 1 of the less “tender” of the mammals, are virtually completely hairless and tiny eyes, practically like a mole. Its most unusual facial feature is, of course, those large teeth that truly grow by way of the lips, so that rodents do not have to open your mouth to chew its way underground. These teeth are so powerful that naked mole rats in captivity have been known to burrow through concrete! There is significantly much more to say about this creature, but we are only talking about expensive here.

leaf tail gecko is one of those animals that appear to have been designed by an artist of the comic. Has maybe the most bizarre sight of any living animal, and when he opens his mouth always looks like an exaggerated smile. Possibly the happiest of all creatures that look, even though its existence could be threatened by the loss of tropical forests of Madagascar calls home. Again, there are several fascinating things about this lizard have nothing to do with his crazy face what is reserved for a future list.

surprising is that these birds are in Mexico, Central and South America, and is finest recognized (fairly, anyway) for their incredible camouflage skills. Nonetheless, it also has a crazy face, with a wide “smile”, mouth, beak very short and enormous yellow eyes that look as if they belonged to an animated character. It is totally harmless to humans, but flying insects and bats should still fear the voracious nocturnal predator.

This fish has a face so strange that 1 can only wonder why it is far more well-known. It is virtually flat, has a lengthy pointed nose and appears to have been using a lot of lipstick. This freak of nature discovered in the Galapagos Islands and has a close relative in Central American waters. It is a slow swimmer and prefers to crawl at the bottom of the sea making use of their fins like hands. ”

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