Top 10 Destinations to Visit in 2014

2014 is fast taking shape and there is just more to expect over this year. With the year shaping up travelling is just one of the things one cannot afford to miss this year. There are just so many places that one can travel to in 2014. Here is just a list of the best places to visit in 2014.

1. Uhauaia

If you wish to have an adventure in the world’s south most cities, then Ushuaia is just the place to be. This is the world south most city. You can have a good adventure at the Tierra Del Fuego national park as well as the Lapataia Bay.

2. South Africa

This is just one of the most auspicious destinations to visit in 2014. There is just much to see ranging from the big five, free roaming penguins and many more. The country is the iconic home of the late Nelson Mandela and you are sure to catch a lot of fun and knowledge.

3. Uruguay

This is just a place that is beckoning for travellers in 2014. One can just catch plenty of fun in some of the most amazing places such as the Jose Ignacio which has even attracted Shakira. One can just have an amazing horseback ride along the side or just take a bicycle to the Laguna Garzon.

4. Denmark

This is just one stop destination for a family visit. There are plenty of theme parks with a variety of sports and activities that a family can engage in. This place includes Tivoli which is the world’s second oldest theme park it is just a place where the family can just get enough fun for the whole travel.

5. Warsaw

It is s town full of history and has a wealth of culture as well as the plenty of emerging energy creativity. Take your time to enjoy the beauty of contemporary art gallery in the national museum. You can also catch plenty of history in the new Museum of history.

6. Iceland

If you just want to have a tour that is full of fun and excitement, then you need not to think of anywhere else but Iceland. You can get a chance to fish in the largest lake in Iceland and have the chef make the fish for you. There are just amazing things to enjoy here that include volcano hikes, zodiac safaris and glacier treks.

7. Pungulasian island

Just an hour’s flight right from Manila, this island is the most luxurious island in the El Nido Resorts. Here you can enjoy just a cool stay at the thatched-roof villas overseeing the white sand. A green canopy of trees and a nice swim with turtles and parrot fish is what you can experience here. This is just a mention of what to expect here since there is even more to it.

8. Rio de jeneiro brazil

Brazil is one of the world’s third growing economies after China and India. With the country being host to the 2014 world cup as well as the 2016 Olympics games, one can just get much from this town. There is just quite a lot to see and one can be sure to get a lot of excitement watching the world cup from some of the best stadiums in Brazil.

9. Miami, Florida

This is just a city that has risen to look like a world class city. With plenty of restaurants, hotels that depict a high sense of innovation, Miami has just become a beautiful designation for one to visit. You get a chance to take some of the best meals and great sandwiches, while resting in the pool.

10. Thailand

Get an experience of the Thai tradition and a cool reception as you enter Thailand. Here you can have a good time with your kids by visiting the Bangkok and having time to ride the boats. Head down to Ko Chang and have a good time, kayaking, riding elephants and having a sweet beach experience.

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