Top 10 habits of a more-attractive wife geek

What exactly makes us geeks a ‘River of No Return’ for non-geeks? The geeks can find partners within geekylandia, provided they have compatible tastes geek, but many have also been able to find spouses or loved one, if not completely ‘normal’, certainly much less of their geek.

How do they do? As a complementary part of the Top 10 most annoying habits of a geek husband, I wrote in March, here are 10 habits more “attractive”

10. Always have access to the ‘caffeine’. Knowing all the different ‘sources’, with their quantities and prices. If you’re not a morning person, or maybe you need a ‘power punch’ in the afternoon, you can be sure that your geek heart could procure of caffeine, even if he or Barq’s Sunkist.

9. Being romantic in an unusual way. Who would not like to be courted with Shakespeare in the original Klingon language or a poem written in Elvish? Red roses are beautiful, sure, but they are so common …. When was the last time someone gave you a heart made of LED flashing?

8. Find the best deals in grocery stores. Not all make the case to the fact that the pack of 12 cans of Coca-Cola on sale at $ 3, it is still tender so convenient to drive, because the 2-liter bottle for sale at $ 1.29. But a geek yes – we knew that there would be no math skills serve a day, even if no one else believed it!

7. Look, quote and love the Muppets in general. Maybe the person you’re courting is not a big fan of the Muppets, but there is no person in the world does not like them at least a little ‘, right? I can speak from personal experience: my wife quietly admits that one of the things he found particularly interesting to me was when, on our first date, I quoted: “Good grief, the comedian is a bear!” (The circumstances in which this happened are less interesting than you might imagine …)

6. Do not be glued to the TV when there is a sporting event. Now, I realize that there are a lot of geeks who love sports (I am a baseball fan), but as a general rule, the typical geek, than the classical non-geeks tend not to pay attention to every minute of all games played by their team during the season.

5. Having lots of gadgets used, still in perfect condition. We always want to have all the latest gadgets as soon as they leave, if not before, but this habit has a fortunate side effect: “What do I need to switch to iPhone 3G? Well … because I know you want an iPhone, and in this way you can have my 3G! ”

4. Having a lot of really good books, though not ‘mainstream’. We usually read a lot of geek and tend to be rather picky about the books we buy.

For example, it is only in the last eight years, ever since the first film came out of Lord of the Rings, Tolkien has become more mainstream. My wife had never read Tolkien until we met, so after a bit stressed, ‘The Hobbit, we read together and quickly became a fan too.

3. Being very good at finding things that are lost. This ability is particularly important in a home where children are involved. As any parent knows, no more than a small child is good at losing the very things that should not be lost. The geeks, at least in my experience, usually have a good methodology to search for lost objects, making less confusing than it usually is generated in these cases.

2. Provide technical support to friends and family. We will also huffed and puffed when we are obliged to do so, and we also have to get frustrated when the relatives do not know the difference between WEP and WPA, but do not be fooled: deep down we like. To all – including geek – likes to feel useful, and there’s nothing like most geeks who appear to the experts. So it’s like killing two birds with one stone: the non-geek has adjusted its computers and gadgets, and geeks are seen as geniuses for doing things that their friends among the geeks would not have impressed anybody.

1. Cooking. I’m sure there are not many geek who does not like to cook, or do not know how to do it, but if you’re one of these, I suggest you do some other attempt. Cook has a potential geek so high that it seems strange not to be considered a ‘typical’ geek activity: there are a lot of different ingredients to choose from, the doses to be measured, heat, chemical reactions, a host of gadgets and various’ nuances’. And ‘how to do science experiments where you get to eat the results! And there are few things that can attract more potential mates as a life partner who can cook well (and not only with the help of a grid).

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