Top 10 plagues Internet

I’m no Luddite. I recognize that the Web has revolutionized communications, enterprise, trade, politics, entertainment, culture and several other aspects of our world. But like any new technology, is also fraught with difficulties. This list details the negative consequences of the World wide web. I tried to order based on the severity.

10 Wed Hacking and Information Security

 Top 10 plagues Internet

 It is hard to establish whether or not the Web has made our confidential information to be more vulnerable. An individual could quickly steal your email address and banking info to your mailbox as he or she could hack into your personal computer through Internet. Nonetheless, far more and more individuals imputation of financial data, personal, professional and medical on-line, it appears that we are at greater risk.

 Top 10 plagues Internet

Who was that woman who was with him in that picture I saw on Facebook? I’ll Google your name and see what occurs.

Internet has shed a excellent deal of our privacy. Audio recordings, images and texts can be published and distributed by anybody with out significantly legal recourse, particularly if it is published anonymously. Wikileak The recent debacle has shown that anybody, no matter how high-profile World wide web is protected from all-seeing.

Some may say this is a curse, whilst others claim it is a blessing.

 Top 10 plagues Internet

The Net has grow to be a hotbed of black hole-like viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware. These viruses and malware cause unlimited damage to the business of killing time, utilizing personal resources and wear.

In 2009, a worm infected Conficker known as the French Navy, the Ministry of Defence, the Royal Navy, the unified armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as a number of hospitals and companies across Europe .

It is estimated that the worm most pricey to date is MyDoom, which was extended in 2004. Some claim that caused $ 35 billion in damages worldwide.

7 Wed sexual predators online

A sexual predator uses on-line social networking sites and chat rooms for vulnerable targets, and lower of age usually, individuals. Predators typically use false identification and try to lure victims to reveal personal data and to meet in person.

NBC’s “To Catch a Predator ‘sting created and registered operations attracted to on the internet predators.

 Top 10 plagues Internet


Obviously predates the Internet. There are, however, some addictions that have grow to be 1 with the creation of the World wide web. According to the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery internet site (ironic), studies have shown that an increasing number of folks around the world have turn into addicted to online activities such as games, gaming and navigation.

 Top 10 plagues Internet

Wed In 2002, Elizabeth Woolley founded On-Line Gamers Anonymous (OLGA) in response to his son Shawn, who committed suicide even though playing the on the web game EverQuest.

Want to send me some dollars to support with my legal battle with the government of Nigeria? If I win, there is a answer of thousands of million dollars and will be compensated generously … no … Well, apparently, thousands of people are victims of world wide web fraud worldwide, the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

There are dozens of variations of these scams all related to the mass distribution of email messages. Some emails to solicit donations for a tragic event, like the earthquake in Haiti, while others try to link to counterfeit Internet web sites Banking (phishing). It is assumed that World wide web fraud will grow to be a growth business as the baby-boomers age, “and we grow to be a lot more dependent on funds transfers to Net.

 Top 10 plagues Internet

Holocaust denial, the scare tactics of strangers, conspiracy theories, slander, frankly, the Web has allowed Anyone with a pc to write almost anything they want and distribute it to everyone.

Even though the true impact of misinformation can not be measured, we can see some examples to see how powerful this can be a threat. In early 2000, the fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger was attacked, when the chain emails began circulating that he made a racist remark on ‘Oprah’ and that folks must boycott her clothing line. Even though Hilfiger did not appear on Oprah, or make any comments for example, emails persisted. In 2007, he appeared on Oprah as the scenario had become so desperate to refute the comments. I am positive that this sort of misinformation price your business funds and attacks on his integrity.

 Top 10 plagues Internet

Cyber-Black Market is a market where illegal goods are being trade or sold. I know what you may be thinking – pirated music, software, films and television programs. Although they cause financial damage to the entertainment industry and the software would not necessarily be an infringement of copyright and the title of the pest.

Cyber Black Market is a lot much more damaging then 1 may possibly expect. endangered animals, animal remains, human sex trafficking and weapons are traded on-line. A 2005 report by the BBC said that items such as baby chimps live, tortoiseshell and rhinoceros horns are exchanging hands on-line. Even common commercial sites like Craigslist have been the methods of human sex trafficking. Read Malika Saada Saar, executive director Craig Rebecca Project ‘article’ Human Rights, please listen to us “about the impact on victims Cyber Black Market.

2 Wed Cyber-bullying and harassment

 Top 10 plagues Internet

Chat rooms, forums and social networking web sites produced a new environment for the thugs who abuse their victims. Bullies can basically hide behind the veil of the screen of your personal computer and even anonymity, whilst tormenting their victims.

Imagine personal secrets, gossip, or defamatory comments that degrade, is distributed to all peers. O , imagine being bombarded with hate messages and threats on a every day basis. This is what the victims of cyber-bullying and harassment support.

Cyber-bullying brought to the attention of the international media when 13 years American old Megan Meier hanged herself in the closet of her parents after she was being bullied on the internet. The investigation revealed that Lori Evans, the father of one of Megan’s former friends had created a fake MySpace account had sent harassing messages to Megan.

1 Child pornography/ Farm

 Top 10 plagues Internet

Abuse and exploitation of children is an abominable act that lives physically and emotionally scarred innocent. children, even under two years old, have been terribly abused the gratification of the other patients. Regrettably, if there is a demand for this kind of material, some men and women get off to create the offer.

According to the U.S. Justice Department, the distribution of child pornography was virtually “entirely eradicated” in the mid 1980′s. Obviously, the creation and success of the Net has changed this position. Today , child pornography is an business of billions of dollars, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, is one of the industries fastest growing Net. In fact, NCMEC says that “20% of all Net pornography entails children. ”

Relative ease of transferring images from digital cameras, the capacity to communicate anonymously and exchange, and distribute the mass numbers has made child pornography almost unstoppable ball proportions.

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