Top 10 scary trips to Halloween

On 31 October is Halloween – instead of just a pumpkin hollow out and hoping to spook, you can also shudder: we find the travel and leisure website finds the scariest trips for the spooky-first day of the year before – goose bumps and the horror experience that will last shake has defeated are guaranteed.

1. The Psycho House

No house hunting such a chill down your back, like the Psycho house – at the sight of you automatically hear the hissing Psycho music. The Bates Hotel, you can visit today – on the Universal Studios in Los Angeles area. The film was shot on Highway 99 between Fresno and Bakersfield, California.

2. Jack the Ripper in London’s East End

While walking through the East End of London, you never know what lurks behind the next house on corner – it was at least in times of Jack the Ripper, who drove his bloody havoc here. Ago was that although more than one hundred years, but it is still scary when you walk today in the dusk of a misty autumn day through the streets of the Town Aldgate, Spitalfields and Whitechapel.

3. The Vienna catacombs

The stairs go down, it is always dark and quiet, the heavy iron door slams behind – and even find yourself in the catacombs of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and again: dark tombs, musty corridors and numerous skeletal bones. It could not be creepy.

4. Villa Dracula “in the Munich Zoo Hellabrunn

In the Munich Zoo Hellabrunn it “Villa Dracula” – a large bat cave. This stretches the Vampires, without disturbing them, observe with infrared cameras. In a special guided tour leads through a nocturnal bat cave. Sounds creepy and a bit like in the horror film.

5. The “Grey Lady” in Scotland

The Glamis Castle in Angus has more dark secrets and more haunting than any castle in Scotland. In the small chapel is always reserved a seat – for the “Grey Lady”, one of the castle ghosts. About an hour from Glamis Castle is the Atholl Palace Hotel 4 * – also an old, ivy-covered castle with battlements and towers. Whether there is also haunted, do not be betrayed.

6. Transylvania – Dracula’s Castle

Put Garlic around your neck and down to the mysterious Dracula castle from the 14th Century. Although it is only legend that lived at Castle Bran Dracula I owe you feared with those fairytale. The nocturnal howling of the wolves is doing nicely. Apart from the nature in Transylvania is wonderful untouched and therefore already worth the trip.

7. The bony Capuchin Crypt in Rome

On the Via Veneto, famous for actually Dolce Vita, it is under the church of Santa Maria della Concezione the really bony Capuchin crypt. What at first glance, pretty ceiling frescoes are really ornaments made of bone and bones. Pretty scary!

8. The Chamber of Horrors

Just in time for Halloween offers Madame Tussauds in the legendary Chamber of Horrors, a new attraction for which you need strong nerves: a dark prison, spooky music, slamming doors – and actors who teach visitors to fear. It could not be sinister.

9. Crime Museum Rothenburg

The Crime Museum Rothenburg ob der Tauber gives insight into the legal events of the past 1,000 years – sounds totally creepy and not on Halloween? Not if it also flows from the medieval criminal trials are shown, which include neck violins for quarrelsome women Geistlord and pillory.

10. Dinner Theater

An evening with a delicious 4-course meal is suspected of having at least one dead body and you yourself – not what one wants in real life can be fun. If it’s like a mystery dinner at a trip to the crime during the 60s and is informed by the participants have a played crime.

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