Top 10 Super Bowl for Implementation of the Last Decade

If you like soccer professional – and far more importantly – looking for to do some banking-2011 Super Bowl to promote tourism Proposition BetUS odds, then you’ll love this look back at the “real” performers 10 of the Super Bowl in the last decade.

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This retrospective look at the artists top 10 Super Bowl in the last decade, will support fans of the NFL and gambling make a good notion that only the players have the very best chance of winning this season’s Super Bowl MVP title owes its respective teams reach the big dance.

10. Super Bowl XXXV – Ray Lewis – LB – Baltimore Ravens 2001

Wed In 2001, Lewis led the Baltimore Ravens to a convincing 34-7 victory over the New York Giants in a dominant performance that culminated in the jaw Baltimore-dropping, the defensive effort all through the season. Led by Hall of Fame-bound Lewis, Baltimore allowed the third fewest yards in Super Bowl history. Lewis is 1 of the two defensive players to win the Super Bowl MVP award in the last decade, but the only truly “win” is.

9. Super Bowl XXXVI – Vinateria Adam – K – New England Patriots – 2002

Wed Yes, I know that Tom Brady won the initial MVP award of the Super Bowl of his career in this game, but I say it was Vinateria Adam was the very best player on the field in this contest as coolly nailed the kick to victory 48 yards to lift the Patriots to their very first Super Bowl title.

If the kicker never deserved to win a Super Bowl title is Adam winery. Besides, Tom Brady completed just 16 of 27 passes for a touchdown, so it’s not as if they took the Pats to victory with an impressive aerial performance.

8. Super Bowl XXXVII – Dexter Jackson – CB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 2003

Mon Jackson won the Super Bowl MVP in this contest and I believe I have to say it was the very best player on the field that day – although I had to do a lot except open its arms to two of the five interceptions that Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon threw so handsomely that day.

7. Super Bowl XXXVIII – Vinateria Adam – K – New England Patriots – 2004

Thu Once again, I’ll say the best player on the field was Adam Vinateria after the Patriots keep what could have proved an embarrassing collapse.

I know Tom Brady won the Super Bowl MVP, but he was not even the greatest quarterback in this game as he threw 3 touchdown passes – and one interception, whilst Jake Delhomme of Carolina of threw three touchdown passes, no interceptions. Due to the fact the ice in his veins, wine nailed the game-winner with just :04 seconds remaining.

6. Super Bowl XXXIX – Tom Brady – QB – New England Patriots – 2005

Wed Ironically, this is the Super Bowl MVP award that I think Brady should have won after completing 23 of 33 passes for 236 yards and two touchdowns, no interceptions. In contrast, the MVP award went to teammate Deion Branch after he caught 11 passes for 133 yards – and the outcomes. I know one thing fans of the NFL, if the Patriots reach Super Bowl XLV, then Brady is likely to be the odds-on-favorite to win the MVP award in the 2010 Super Bowl proposition bets courtesy BetUS .

5. Super Bowl XL – Willie Parker – RB – Pittsburgh Steelers – 2006

Fri know Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward won the Super Bowl MVP in this contest after catching five passes for 143 yards and a touchdown, but if you saw this game and learn the sport of professional football background, then you know that ‘Fast’ Willie Parker Super Bowl record 75-yard run in the third quarter that genuinely won the tender for the Steelers.

Do not just ride Parker put the Steelers by 14-3 in the time, but also put the Seahawks back on their heels then opened the game with passes to Hines Ward to make their five receptions.

4. Super Bowl XLI – Class -QB – Indianapolis Colts – 2007

Wed guess Peyton Manning must have won this award the MVP of the Super Bowl, Colts’ 29-17 victory over Chicago, but let’s be real for a moment and admit that the 25-to-38 days of Manning for 247 yards with a TD and an interception is not a legend, no matter how much you love Archie more than two youngsters playing in the NFL!

three. Super Bowl XLII – Eli Manning, David Tyree – QB, WR – New York Giants – 2008

Fri know Giants quarterback Eli Manning won the award after spending 19 of 34 for 255 yards and a touchdown, but there is no way to win the prize – or the game for that matter – now without David Tyree legendary “helmet catch” in which rather miraculously high pass from Manning against his helmet while addressing a crowd of defenders.

Yes, Manning won the MVP award, but David Tyree is a game of its type that the NFL fans around the world in coming decades will keep in mind and take into account for 2010 is fast approaching , the Super Bowl Prop Bets

2. Super Bowl XLIII – Santonio Holmes – WR – Pittsburgh Steelers – 2009

Wed why the Steelers got rid of their 2009 Super Bowl MVP and remains the shameful Ben Roethlisberger is beyond me, but this contest ethics is not so I’ll let it go, saying that if it had been not for miraculous take Holmes at the corner of the end zone – out of a great pass from Roethlisberger – the Steelers did not win this contest – and wins Kurt Warner MVP!

1. Super Bowl XLIV-Drew Brees – QB – New Orleans Saints – 2010

Wed Brees beat Peyton Manning in Super Bowl’s game by completing 32 of 39 passes for 288 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions, while connect to the tune of eight receivers in the contest and seven of the multi-pass.

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