Now that we are fully settled in the New Year is the time to refresh our minds with one more list of factlets fascinating. These little facts are all based on science and, for the most part, need to be news to most readers. Let’s get the New Year off to a very good start with some learning

1. Raindrops are not tear-shaped (they are almost often depicted in the drawings) – are truly spherical.

2. When something “sublime” is converted directly into a gas of a solid – without passing by way of the liquid state. This is what would take place if you throw dry ice in a fire.

3. sleeping in gorilla nests (pictured) – that weave together soft foliage and branches of trees bent. Boys tend to like sleeping on the floor although women like to have their nests in trees.

4. Champagne does not ferment, since carbon dioxide – that bubbles due to dirt or dust. In a glass entirely smooth, dust molecules in it, champagne would be totally immobile.

5. The majority of digestion occurs, not in the stomach, but in the modest intestine. This might be the reason why a individual can be both bulimic are still fat.6. The red juice out of rare steak is not the blood – is a close relative myoglobin in the blood. Virtually all blood is removed from a fillet at the time it reaches the market.

7. Plastic bags are better than paper bags for the environment. The manufacturing procedure which makes paper bags requires much more energy than it produces plastic. recycled paper bags consume much more energy than recycling plastic and paper bags take up more space in a landfill. Simply because landfills are usually sealed beneath the surface, paper and plastic are equally poor in biodegradation.

8. Polar bears are fascinating creatures. Your skin is transparent (not white), your skin is black (not white), and when kept in warm moist environments, their skin turns green from algae.

9. pet allergies are not normally skin allergies, but allergies to skin dead animals, waste water or saliva. Regularly cleaning pets can dramatically decrease allergies.

10. The tongue map is a lie – you can taste all tastes in all parts of the tongue. The tongue map is derived from a discredited German newspaper since 1901.

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