What is VPS in Cyprus?

      The provider company offers the VPS service to individual users – site owners, having created several servers isolated from each other, but working simultaneously on one computer. This allows you to get a high loading speed of your site and its smooth operation without significant financial costs. If you have a logical question, what is a VPS, our answer sounds the same – it is a dedicated server with the granting of administrator rights to the user.

      Scope of VPS Use

      Dedicated server service is quite popular due to its opening possibilities. In most cases, VPS or VDS is rented when:

•         Creating information platforms and online stores

•         Organizing a dedicated workplace

•         Developing and testing software

•         Working with computing resources, such as “1C” accounting

•         Creating a mail or game server

•         Installing video surveillance

•         Working on Forex

•         Organizing a place for storing personal data.

      VPS service – what exactly will it give to your site? First of all, this is stable work. For business it is already an important indicator – the ability to increase computing power (number of processors, amount of disk space) by simply switching to a more expensive plan. With the growth of traffic to your resource, you will truly appreciate it.

      Let’s consider the benefits of a VPS hosting in Cyprus

      1. Cost. This is the main deterrent even for a successful, not only for start-up business. The cost of your own dedicated physical server can reach several thousand dollars, renting a dedicated server is several hundred, while renting a VPS will cost much less – from $ 7 per month.

      2. Independence from the state of the equipment. Since the user only gets control over the virtual server, even if the provider’s equipment breaks down, its copy is transferred to a new physical server in a short time.      3. Third Party Liability. Professionals monitor the technical condition of the server, its software and other quickly obsolete and wearing parts. The owner does not need to hire a separate person for this, pay him a salary and look for broken parts and components.

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