Who is iSiTechnology?

The demand for NEMT services is growing every day. People will never be able to get help from even the most qualified doctors if they can’t get to it. We believe that such services are irreplaceable in helping the elderly, as well as people with disabilities. That is why we started our project that helps to improve the NEMT service, reducing costs, improving schedules, speed of transportation, as well as conditions for customers. ISiTechnology is the most popular NEMT software, which helps companies to improve their performance. 

Why should you choose us?

It is quite understandable why non-emergency medical transportation companies turn to us. They usually need help with their everyday deals, documentation, expenses, or routing. There is nothing worse than having an unplanned trip, a problem on the road, or another emergency. In this case, our technologies, such as RouteGenie can help. It automates all NEMT processes and helps drivers on the road. For instance, the last ones can communicate with dispatchers in the case of an emergency or just to change the route. We choose the best and shortest path to the destination. Besides, drivers can directly communicate with clients and follow their needs. 

The next aspect is billing. The BillPro or Claimgenix software solves your problems of insurance claims with the help of the newest technologies. Moreover, we carry out the best calculations and try to reduce the company’s expenses for fuel and vehicle repairs. It means that we choose the best routes and choose the best transport in terms of capacity for the client. 

HealthGuard application is also irreplaceable for people who need to be in safety. It monitors your body temperature with the help of special temperature cameras. By the way, our Homecare industry is a great opportunity for our workers to keep abreast of the physical state of the elderly and people with disabilities. It saves our time and people’s health. 
Our iSiTechnology project is a combination of several powerful software that will help any company in the NEMT industry improve its performance. Contact us!

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